It is the combination of the E-plane Tee and the H-plane Tee. This four port waveguide juction combines the power dividing properties of E and H plane tee.







Band Fre. Range (GHz) Waveguide VSWR  
SMT-117 s 2.60-3.95 WR-284 1.2  
CMT-117 c 3.95-5.85 WR-229 1.2  
JMT-117 J 5.85-8.20 WR-137 1.2  
XMT-117 X 8.20-12.40 WR-90 1.2  
KuMT-117 Ku 12.40-18.00 WR-62 1.2  
KMT-117 K 18.00-26.50 WR-42 1.2  

Jayaraj Microwaves manufacturers two type of power suppliers for the microwave beanches in X-Band.

Klystron power supply

For the Klystron based microwave bench. Klystron power supply generates required beam and repeller voltage for the X-band klystron tube like 2K25. It is very stable and contains the short circuit protection circuit. Also it has amplitude and frequency modulation circuits for the generations of 1 Khz squre wave and the saw tooth wave.


Model:KPS 105

Voltage Range 220.450v DC
Current 50mA Max
Regulation Better than 0.5% for 10% variation in the mains supply voltage
Ripple Less than 5mV rms
Repller supply  
Voltage Range Catthode 5V to 270V DC Continuosuly variable with respect to klystron
Regulation 0.25% for 10% variation in the mains supply voltage
Heater supply 6.3V DC(Regulated)
Square Wave AM

Max. applitude:+12 V peak o peak


 Freq:400 Hz-2500Hz

  Amplitude and frequency continuously variable
Sawtooth FM Amplitude:6.5 V max. peak top peak
  freq.:150 Hz-300Hz
  Amplitude and frequency continuosuly variable
External Through external modulation signal
Operation Voltage 230V+- 10%, 50 Hz, A.C.
Display Digital Display of Beam Voltage, Beam current, Repeller Voltage Cinnectuin 8 Pin octal Shocker BNC for external Modulaion.

Gunn power supply

For gunn bassed bench. It is requlated power supply to operate the gunn oscillator. It also contain squre wave generator to provide 1 Khz frequency to the PIN modulator for amplitude modulation.


Model:GPS 105

Gunn bias voltage 0 to 12V Continuously variable
Current 1A Max.
Regulation 0.2% for 10% variation in the mains supply voltage
Ripple 2mV RMS
Modulation frequency 1 Khz+- 10% (900-100Hz)
Modulation Amplitude 0 to 10V(peak to peak)
Mains Power supply 230V+- 10% AC, 50 Hz
Output Connector BNC(F) for Gunn Oscillator & TNC(F) for Pin Modulator

it is a high gain, voltage amplifier tuned at the center frequency of 1 Khz. It is used for measuring VSWR, attenuation and total mismatch on the line


Model : VS 105
Sensitivity 0.2 u V at a 200 ohm input impledane for full scale deflection
Noise level At least 5 DB below full scale at rated sensitivity and maximum bandwidth with input terminated in 100 ohm and 500 ohm for crystal low and hight impedances respectively.
Calibration Square law, meter indicated SWR in dB
Range 70 dB steps, accuracy +- 0.2 dB per 10 dB steps Maximum cumulative error +0.5 dB
Scale Selector Normal, Expand & -5dB
Meter scale SWR1-4, SWR3-10, Expand -1.3 dB 0-10, expand dB 0-2
Gain control Adjust the reference level, variable range 0-10dB approx.
Input "Bolo" bias provided for 4.3 mA low current bolo meters.
  "Crystal" 200 ohms for low impedance crystal rectifier and 200K ohms high impedance
Crystal Rectifier as null detector
Recorder Output Socket provided for recording having 1V for Full scale deflection, internal resistance of 1000 ohms or less.
A/C Output BNC connector for amplified output
Input connector BNC(F)
Frequency 1000 Hz+- 10%
Amplitude High gain tuned at one frequency
Power 230 volts A.C +- 10%, 50Hz mains supply.